Save Pakistan, Save Democracy

The fate of our dear neighbors hangs in the balance. Pakistan goes to polls tomorrow with the entire world set to keenly observe the elections unfold in the democracy-turned-autocracy of South-east Asia. Pakistan, as a nation, has failed to hold itself together ever since Pervez Musharraf pioneered that extraordinary coup towards the end of last century.

The same man has since gone on to establish himself as the supreme tyrant of the nation and democracy has been completely compromised. Terrorism has taken its toll, tensions have remained high and Musharraf remains the difference between their degeneration and regeneration as a nation. His resignation as Chief of Army Staff last year was by no means the end to problems in the country.

A BBC World Service Poll has claimed that most Pakistanis believe that the country could take a step towards restoring themselves if Musharraf resigned. Something that hasn’t happened yet, and looks rather unlikely. The civilian president of Pakistan continues to remain at the zenith.

Pakistan People’s Party leader Asif Ali Zardari, who has taken the party’s reins following the assassination of his wife Benazir Bhutto, has challenged Musharraf regarding the rigging of elections. Zardari has promised to take to the streets if the polls are rigged and has suggested that the nation could split.

From an Indian perspective, you wonder whether a split Pakistan would be trouble reduced or trouble doubled. Irrespective of whatever happens, the ideals of democracy are fading away.