A quiet Bollywood wedding

In what turned out to be a rather calamitous day for the cronies (read masala-obsessed Indian media) of one of the most fanatical terror networks WITHIN the country, Bollywood superstar and still-supposed-to-be-in-jail Sanjay Dutt wed his long-time girlfriend and ex-item girl Manyata in a quiet ceremony in Mumbai.

The infiltrators reached just in time to dig up some words from Dutt (who was visibly delighted after the successful attempt to keep them away from covering the marital rituals from 25 different camera angles) and version 3.0 of Mrs. Dutt. Sanju Baba gladly obliged with the post-marriage press conference and as usual, news of considerable importance vanished from the face of our TV sets and Munna mania ran wild, hogging up every inch of the screen space offered.

One of the channels called up his US-based daughter (from his previous marriage), another hunted down his ill fated sister (who wore a rather bewildered look when asked about her brother’s horseback ride towards a third spell of nuptials) and a third, which failed to catch hold of any of the above two, promised to run a special program later on, which would showcase how the two got together, what were the key factors that led to the path breaking decision and whether they were planning for kids.

Meanwhile, gear up for a showdown somewhere in the same city. The police have issued an arrest notice against Raj Thackeray, but are unquestionably perspiring bucket loads at the prospect of facing up to the soldiers of the India’s first anti-national regional army – the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. Thackeray has already rejected the notice issued by them.

May God bestow the IPS officers with courage and shower Mr.Dutt with marital bliss (read “staying away from jail” ahead of “honeymoon in Paris”).....