We do know something about sport.....

Focussing on the success of India's much-pilloried national hockey side, I'd like to raise a point that we do know a thing or two about sport. The tactics and gameplay implemented by new coach Joaquim Carvalho on the inexperienced young side would leave the founder of hockey stunned. He has had a superb impact on India's hockey team, turning around the fortunes in style. His off-field appointment of badminton coach Ganguly Prasad to help out the goalkeepers (shuttling) was a managerial masterstroke.

The uncharacteristic grit and valour shown by the team during the Azlan Shah tournament in Kuala Lampur has been added into a side not short on talent and skill. In sport, they say, it takes more than just skills to touch greatness. It takes a strong mental attitude and approach from every component of a squad to succeed. Carvalho has done that very well, and in a professional manner.

Indian hockey is now back on track. With the seniors now coming in, the team could become stronger than ever. I think they can aim for Beijing next year, especially as the memories of good have been dirtied by the Doha debacle. Till then, more legwork for better stickwork.....

Feeling feelings

Feelings are a wonderful thing. Being a subset of emotions, they can really help you look positive and happy. Especially, when they come up at such crucial phases in our life.

For example, I just got placed into Infosys through a campus interview and it feels like winning the world. The feelings that you feel when the "moment" happens are absolutely amazing. You want them to last forever and ever and ever.

Interesting though, as they die down soon. They do not last forever. That's what life is all about. Live it when you have to and try living it when you don't.

On a positive note, congratulations to all my friends who made it and to the Indian hockey team for finishing third in the Azlan Shah hockey tourney, which is such a slap on the face of the Indian government which doesn't consider the national sport a priority anymore.....

Anatomy of a Dead Man

I don't know what to write here. I am going crazy. Life is driving me to insanity. The soul has been sucked out of me, with the enforcer utilizing all the force he can. I am being brushed to the ground. Crushed under the weight of unwarranted defeats, I am trying to force my way out. But I am dying. It is the pain of not experiencing positivity that may lead me to the grave. Life is something that I no longer cherish.

A dead man. A dead man is who I will become soon. No, this is not a suicide note. I am beginning to embrace life that perishes without any impact.....

Repercussions of Destiny

As our campus placements approach, I can look back with some pride on a decent 3 years at an engineering college. These days certainly leave an indelible mark on your life. College is a unique era in everyone's life and those who miss out - well, I can't be more sorry.

But with placements around the corner and the storm of IT companies waiting to break through the campus entrance and handpick the best, I'd just like to wish the best of luck to all who are appearing.

This blog goes out to all my friends and influences. I hope I make it with some ease and achieve a morale boost that should carry me through the rest of the year. Eventually, everything ends. Just like how college would soon. But it does leave that glitter in your life which will sparkle even when viewed from a certain distance.

Of course, life goes on.....