Of youth, "star" marriages and mob justice

The Indian cricket board's much-villified experiments with youth aren't looking appealing as of now. India's batting blow-up in the Twenty20 one-off and the first ODI of the tri-series against Australia makes the return of Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid seem more likely come the series against South Africa. India's youngsters need time to develop their potential of course, but there is a system to be implemented when an old generation is to be phased out. The selectors have sent a bunch of kids Down Under hoping that a series defeat would be a hardening and mind-moulding experience. Did I just say defeat?

Talking of star marriages, we'd say that this concept was taken to a new level when French president Nicholas Sarkozy married model Carla Bruni. You'd wonder what kind of coverage this would have got in India. But our mental mindset would ensure that such things don't happen in this generation at least.

One last point. Is mob justice becoming too much now? A seven-year old was brutalized after being tied to a pole and being stripped in a village in West Bengal. You'd have to say WTF with absolute outrage. In a democracy, the public probably assume a natural birthright to provide justice if a majority of opinions match. Who the hell says that a majority is always right? And in this case, one certain local of the village said that the kid was caught red-handed trying to open a motorcycle toolbox. Breathtaking, isn't it?