Where is the love?

If any caring human has heard the beautiful number "Where is the love?" from American band Black Eyed Peas, it's definite that his heart would warm up with emotion. The song's lyrics speak exactly of the situation on hand.

Talking from an Indian perspective, I'd say that it is the highly irresponsible media that stands out in terms of brain corruption. They are like terrorists who let you live after corrupting your brain and thinking to such an extent that you will begin to doubt yourself at certain points.

Everything in life comes down to how much you can believe in someone's clean-hearted efforts. If you'll notice, most people doubt each other, doubt the government, doubt the system, doubt their heroes even. It's getting worse. People are not willing to believe. Where is the love?

The media is like "civil war" in terms of battle. They love to generate stories and circulate terror. Remember, the morning newspaper you buy is actually a bomb ticking away.....