India runs riot!!!

Has Chak De India actually cast a spell on Indian sports? Considering the performances of various Indian sports teams, I was forced to think over the above stated question. Suddenly, India is seeing a host of positive results in various sports.

Starting with the world's most important sport, India clinched a classic Nehru Cup title. This is definitely the stand-out achievement in football so far. Nehru Cup winners include prestigious teams like Uruguay and the Soviet Union and India's addition to that list definitely brightens up the footballing stratosphere.

The Indian hockey team, both men and women, have conjured up results in double figures in their respective Asia Cups. The men have won 1-0, 20-0, 3-2 and 6-0, making it a remarkable 30 goals scored in 4 games!! The women notched up wins of 16-0!

Sania Mirza has broken into the world top 30, while the cricket team is in it's best form ever, except that the opposition currently seem equally capable.

Revolution, indeed.....