Rise of the Feminist Man

This is a very weird topic to blog. This writing is more observation, rather than a culmination of thoughts.

Pink shirts, Red t-shirts, Sparkling tight pants, Weirdly-colored hair. This may be ordinary stuff for girls. Maybe it is meant for them. But wait. Look on. Guys have joined the bandwagon.

The rise of the feminist man is currently inexplicable. I don't understand why males are resorting to such open expression of female characteristics. Is it attributed to an apparent lack of understanding of what differentiates men from women? Or maybe lack of quality resources?

But this is definitely scary. Feminist men, apart from their dressing sense, are resorting to female behaviour too. Gone are the days when Men led from the front. Today, men are beginning to lose out on the virtues that held them so strong.

Females will be delighted with this male tilt towards their lifestyle.....