Stand up and salute Iraq

Iraq's totally fabulous AFC Asian Football Cup victory against Saudi Arabia has left my emotions seeking sanity. I could only stand up and salute their team and fans, who are hungry, thirsty, dieing and yet emerged winners.

The buck doesn't stop there. The national team haven't been allowed to play at home, don't have training facilities and are not even heralded or cherished by their fans. But now, every Iraqi would feel deeply happy with this triumph.

This isn't the triumph of sport. This is the triumph of human spirit in times of adversity. It is a triumph of hope. To top it all off, an Iraqi mother dedicated her dead son to the team as a sacrifice, which was too much to take in all at once.

So before going to sleep tonight, I will only think, dream and be inspired by this truely Godly feat. It even makes the impossible seem possible....