Learning from China

My father recently shared some interesting titbits from a trip of his to our great "world's fastest growing economies" rival, China. He visited a few cities in the country(which are difficult for me to name completely, you can ask him for the exact names) and a few of their industries and factories.

The points he shared with me left me wondering whether we are even capable of considering rivalling them, despite all the talk of us being head-to-head in the race to be Asia's No. 1. He visited a few factories and admitted that people are so transfixed to their work that they dont even look around to see what's going on. Since he arrived in a delegation, you would normally expect the workers to throw glances. But such is the commitment of the Chinese, that they dont give an absolute damn to what goes on. All that matters to them is their work. And work too in such a professional way.

They have perfect timings for arrivals, their lunch breaks are not peppered with gossipy conversations and their tea breaks are way too short for us Indians to even imagine. Maybe, this is what we lack. A true professional approach, a whole-hearted one too.

Even if most of us spend half the time that we spend on gossiping and fooling around in the way that the Chinese do, then definitely they'll have a strong rival.....