Understanding Democracy

Two trips to the RTO made me realise the pangs of living in a democracy. Power to the people - sounds like a beautiful concept, doesn't it? But it can take the steam out of us, especially when you wait in those long lines waiting for your turn to come and just when your turn does come, you see the a poster which reads "Lunch Break". Patience is probably the key ingredient that defines the taste of democracy. All the energy in our bodies will drain out, our sweat will vaporise and our legs will cry out in agony saying - "Please spare us".

Democracy's biggest drawback is probably in the concept itself. Enriching the people with the power is an ideal world, but not this world. This world is probably similar to the universe itself - expanding in opposite directions. There are unions, groups and like-minded people, but in India, that is probably only restricted to cricket. Maybe, because of lack of options.

People from different cultures, different religions, different societies and different idealogies all form one India. Unity in Diversity is what we pride ourselves upon. But that is now only a text book term. Maybe, power to the people itself is ridiculous, given the highly-publicised recent failures of the Judiciary.

Democracy is something that cannot be changed. But, we can make life a bit easier by living smartly. Be the government, but employ the ideas that privatisation runs on. Maybe, unity in diversity might arise just from that.....