Usually, I don’t enjoy movies. But Hollywood sometimes comes up with exceptional exceptions to that. I went for the 10:45 am show (I know it’s a drab timing to watch a movie) of 300, which is a war epic based on a novel. What I would experience in the next 2 hours was probably the greatest definition and construction of courage and manhood that I had ever seen. The film was a power-packed punch of inspiration that would make any man proud of his genitals, if he puckers up the courage to be so himself.

Gerard Butler, the less-known thespian who portrayed the character of Sparta’s King Leonidas to perfection, is a Scottish actor whose major breakthrough is the movie. Apart from the key protagonists, it was the awe-inspiring landscape of the movie that would leave us stunned in admiration and shocked out of instinct to devour such a treat to the eyes.

The story surrounds 300 Spartan men who take on the invading forces of Persia (which are huge in number). The magically-weaved dialogues and the truly awesome screenplay make this movie a must-see for anyone whose hormones include testosterone. No, no. If you think I have been asked to market this movie, then I would say “Yes, in a way”. God, himself (if he is a male), has asked me to market this movie.

A certain drawback, which is absolutely of no loss to me, is that I saw the movie for 30 bucks, which is way too cheap for a classic of this stature. The movie lasted 1 hour 55 minutes, which was rollercoaster ride into the re-definition of male hood and the re-incarnation of brute power. Thank you for re-inventing mainstream movies, Mr. Zack Snyder(the director of 300).

A final note: Congrats to the Indian cricket team for pulling off a superb win over minnows Bermuda at the cricket World Cup. But of course, this is only the beginning. Like Leonidas says in 300, “We shall burn in hell”. Turn it on, Team India…..