A blogger's dilemma

It is being reported that 20 million blogs on the net are either dormant, or left un-updated or do not serve up the desirable content to keep the visitors interested. This is certainly true, maybe not to its complete extent but surely there is some meaning to this.

It is impossibe...oops...difficult to continuously think up topics and type your thoughts and ideas on them. After all, we are no superstars or national icons that we have a daily dose of inspiration or fun reading to provide to the world. Our lives are very ordinary and it is difficult to continuously come up with new, user-friendly reading material. A blog is a true expression of a person’s feelings, like a diary entry. But what can you write that keeps the page visits flowing and the visitors satisfied?

The reason why I wrote this blog itself is probably because I did run out of options. Let’s see. What happened today? I woke up early, missed a lab at college and then had a dull day on campus. I came back, got refreshed and wrote this “dull” blog. I hope I haven’t left you bored.....

This is no “The adventures of Indiana Jones”. This is a very ordinary “common man”. My deepest sympathies to all who made the painstaking effort to read this out.....