What the nuclear deal means for.....

A definite shot in the arm ahead of assembly polls in five states, and the general elections in the upcoming year. The NSG waiver comes as a big boost to the alliance's hopes of regaining power next year. The UPA will definitely use the deal in their campaigns, especially when you consider their weak points of being soft on terrorism and record inflation. However, whether we like it or not, we have to agree with the fact that there are some people of respect and honour in the UPA and they are doing right things.

What can you say? The NDA's hopes of winning the forthcoming elections took a huge blow with the UPA's success. To top it off, they are resorting to their customary "oppose everything, whether in national interest or not" tactics by suggesting that the nation has been betrayed. We'll have to wait and watch regarding this point though as the "leaked letter" is still shrouded in mystery. However, they are all for the deal. They probably just can't bear the credit being given to the UPA.

The Left
The deal is definitely a huge blow to the Left, who could now return to being insignificant in the nation's affairs following a four-year period of destructive influence. Unless they resort to their usual pain-in-the-@$$ convention of bandhs and strikes. The political turn-around could also mean that The Third Front will equally suffer.

National interest
The deal was always in national interest. Irrespective of what you've heard or read. India has realized it's growing energy needs and for the country to become a superpower, it was always a must to explore this field of energy generation.

Well, they proved they can never be trusted by emerging as a last-minute obstruction to the deal by raising questions of non-proliferation at the NSG after assuring India that they backed the deal. It probably means that the Chinese can't bear to see India as an equal rival. Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai returns to being rhetorical.

Concerned citizens
Well, India plans to drastically improve it's civilian energy needs through nuclear power(which currently stands at a meagre 3%) with the deal and it definitely means that a new sector of energy opens up in full bloom. This could mean cheaper electricity once the deal is in operation and a reduced dependency on coal-generated power. Also nuclear waste, once disposed carefully, does not influence climate change and global warming.

Ignorant citizens