Mumbai Meri Jaan

Hats off to this masterpiece of cinema from a masala-dogged world of Indian films. In a truly sensational way, the team of this gem of a movie has presented the reality that is there for all to see and why we should, in all seriousness, wake up to the evil of terrorism before it becomes a part of our "dark present".

Hats off to the ridicule portrayed by the film - the scene where Kay Kay Menon realizes how every Muslim is not a terrorist, the scene where Paresh Rawal asks a common man to keep patience in the hunt for the bomb-planters and not just arrest and frame charges against anyone, the Rupali Bani Rudali TV show portraying a juicy story-seeking Indian media that has inherently only worsened the fight against terror. Hats off.

Wake up and fight. Yes, not everyone can do something. But at least we can be vigilant, respect our fellow dead citizens and their grieving families and pledge to help.