LIFE AT INFY: Incredible India?

Today's a Sunday on Infosys' vast campus in Mysore. That means most people can relax and enjoy a day at the health club, play pool or watch a movie at Infy's own multiplex. But most prefer to hang out in the city or go to their homes, if they live nearby that is. I am bored, sitting in my office, blogging.

A week into the corporate environment, you realise that you would only slow down at your own risk. I fell ill, thanks to Infy's Food Courts, but most people didn't and I realised that I had to speed up or I'd be left behind.

Today a lot of outsiders came in to the campus to see it's sceneries and feel the serenity. Maybe, this campus should rank in the Incredible India campaign. If not as a tourist spot, then at least as one of the finest training centres in the world.....