Back from the slumber.....

Hello ladies and gentlemen reading this blog. I am back from my post-CAT hibernation and also glad to announce that all my future posting will be done "exclusively" from the scenic beauty of Infosys' campus in Mysore, Karnataka, India. CAT was dull, to say the least. No expectations as such. Happy new year to all out there and may it bring the maximum happiness possible.

Heary congratulations to Narendra Modi for regaining the Gujarat throne. No one even came close to the so-called merchant of death. He's a great personality, no doubt. Let's hope the people of Gujarat continue to progress under him. But they could be in for some bad news if the NDA win the general elections in 2009. Although LK Advani is currently the prime ministerial candidate, Modi could apparently stake claim.

The world's largest democracy moves on, unstoppable as such. I'll write next on some of the axis-tilting events that we witnessed in 2007. Adios.



Tuesday, January 1, 2008 at 10:17:00 AM PST

Good to hear from you after so long... Back to blogging! Anyway happy new year to you and all the best @ Infy in Mysore!