Dutt's the way

So finally Sanjay Dutt is handed a 6-year RI by the 1993 Mumbai blasts verdict. And people have reacted in the weirdest of ways possible. Just one question to the masses of the sovereign, socialist, democratic people's republic of India - whose side are you on?

I agree the guy has changed since the events of 93. But that doesn't mean the actions have changed. And that definitely doesn't mean that the wounds have healed and the scars have faded. It is ridiculous that he's getting so much support.

In a country like ours, opinions can exist on such a large scale that even morality is questioned. Who the hell in the world would side with a person who was indirectly involved in a state of attacks that have left such a dark mark on the nation's history?

It begs the question that we place our own cause for being entertained by our so-called heroes than to offer justice to the deserving and the suffering. It's not what we want, do we?



Sunday, August 5, 2007 at 12:52:00 AM PDT

I totally agree. The only glitch here is the enormous delay in finally getting a verdict. '93 is too long ago now...