Chak De stands out.....

I repent something. I regret something. I only spent Rs. 50 on Chak De India. Damn.

Going for an early showing of what close associates and friends were describing as a stand-up-and-salute movie, I put aside my anti-Bollywood feelings and must admit that it was worth it. It wasn't a movie that I saw. I saw a dream. A dream to see India become a world leader in sports and bring unlimited ecstacy to the people.

Arguably, sports remains the most mystically unattached art that India is yet to fully associate with. Or rather, an art that is forgotten despite past glories. Chak De India showed exactly what is to be done.

Even with the worst facilities and training(although these should be bettered of course), people can emerge winners. Adversity breeds team spirit and a will to perform outside expectations. It takes more than just talent to create winning teams.

A special thanks to Shah Rukh Khan, who is fast emerging as an icon with a difference.....