Terror again? Hehe, nothing new.....

I chose this particular title for my 50th post on this blog because it reflects the attitude of the Indian government and people towards what is fast becoming an ignored sector in people protection and security.

Terror, with it's wings wide open, stuck yet again. Another attack. Another city in crisis. More people dead. Does it matter? I seriously doubt it.

The irony remains that the UPA is well aware yet again that dreaded PoK outfits LET & JEM are behind the attacks. India's policy of handling terror, which is becoming increasingly annoying and irritating, comes under the scrutiny yet again.

Being aware of terror and thwarting it is as smart as the country can get now. Because once terror is in action, we are embarassingly powerless to handle it.

Despite being a military powerhouse, our political system and approach towards sensitive situations just don't make us capable of handling terror by the struff of it's neck.

In the end, all one can do is look up to God and hold hands together, praying that justice will at least come from the heavens.....

Chak De stands out.....

I repent something. I regret something. I only spent Rs. 50 on Chak De India. Damn.

Going for an early showing of what close associates and friends were describing as a stand-up-and-salute movie, I put aside my anti-Bollywood feelings and must admit that it was worth it. It wasn't a movie that I saw. I saw a dream. A dream to see India become a world leader in sports and bring unlimited ecstacy to the people.

Arguably, sports remains the most mystically unattached art that India is yet to fully associate with. Or rather, an art that is forgotten despite past glories. Chak De India showed exactly what is to be done.

Even with the worst facilities and training(although these should be bettered of course), people can emerge winners. Adversity breeds team spirit and a will to perform outside expectations. It takes more than just talent to create winning teams.

A special thanks to Shah Rukh Khan, who is fast emerging as an icon with a difference.....

60 years, but the past still hurts.....

On the eve of the 60th Independence day of the country, I read a totally heart-warming piece in the The Week. Actually, it was the national magazine's cover story. It was on 25 battles/wars/controversies/events that still hurt and haunt us. These included everything from the Kargil War to the Emergency, the Babri Masjid Demolition to Godhra, the Mumbai blasts of 1993 to the Chinese Invasion of 1962.

The magazine printed an excellent image on the opening page of the cover story. An India drawn up in blood. I have never felt more emotion over something sensitive before. But it is evident that the events of the past do relate with us today. Communalism remains at the top of the pile. It has single-handedly disunited the country and led to so much bloodshed, that most of us would prefer a war over the riots that communalism causes.

Terrorism would come second. Government bureaucracy third and so on. I spent upto 2 hours imagining how life could have been without these 25 "wars". And I saw a utopia. A beautiful nation. But since that isn't true, let's do justice to the present by learning what we should from a very dreadful past.....

Return of football

The English Premier League, one of the world's finest and most marketed sporting events, kicks off amid as-usual hype and expectations. The football event is said to attract a huge global audience and a new seasons kicks off tonight, with fans returning to support their respective teams.

The football leagues of various countries will start in the upcoming few weeks and the mother of them all - UEFA's Champions League - would start in early September. And we will return to enjoying the spectacle of a sport that is no longer just a sport.

I'll get back to supporting my favourite team - Spanish club Barcelona, once La Liga kicks off. The team has been enforced by some sparkling new players, with French forward Thierry Henry standing out.

Not for nothing is it called the Beautiful Game, eh?

Dutt's the way

So finally Sanjay Dutt is handed a 6-year RI by the 1993 Mumbai blasts verdict. And people have reacted in the weirdest of ways possible. Just one question to the masses of the sovereign, socialist, democratic people's republic of India - whose side are you on?

I agree the guy has changed since the events of 93. But that doesn't mean the actions have changed. And that definitely doesn't mean that the wounds have healed and the scars have faded. It is ridiculous that he's getting so much support.

In a country like ours, opinions can exist on such a large scale that even morality is questioned. Who the hell in the world would side with a person who was indirectly involved in a state of attacks that have left such a dark mark on the nation's history?

It begs the question that we place our own cause for being entertained by our so-called heroes than to offer justice to the deserving and the suffering. It's not what we want, do we?