Sport's idiosyncrasies

Talk of earning in sport and football comes up first to mind. Ok wait. Golf or Formula 1 should actually spring up first, but given the glamour and attention surrounding the beautiful game, it is always football that springs to mind.

Portuguese midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo recently agreed a 5-year contract at Manchester United FC in England. The deal is set to pay him £140,000-a-week! It is an absolutely astronomical amount for a 22-year old, but this should give us Indians an idea of the kind of interest football generates in the world. Of course, given his talent, he is completely deserving of the amount.

The guy is undoubtedly different and special. More special than any of his predecessors. No one before him was that good at a meagre 22 years old. No one before him was such a complete player at a formative age. The Madeira-born youngster is definitely the hottest property in world football today.

Talk of Sachin Tendulkar being the hottest property in cricket. But we don't want him to earn, do we?



Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 8:56:00 PM PDT

no one before him was that good are you kiddin me ????? dude there is talent in the smaller teams and clubs of algeria, france and south america and they are not given the chance coz of politics in those countries!!!! did you knw the GREAT ZIDANE was rejected by the algerian team and thats why he was not a star..he was is and will always be better than C.ronaldo can ever achieve and wat of owen who was at a meager 17 the wonder boy of england in the guiness records!!! he was a star too and he after beckham is the highest paid english player!!!!