An apology anecdote

I have always believed that it is difficult to have an apology rejected than the whole process of apologizing. It is one of the worst feelings in the world, when you go up to a person to shake hands and make up and you get rejected. Apologies, for whatever they are intended, should always be accepted as they go a long way in healing a human being’s emotional wounds.

The most common observation that I have noticed in this world is that very few people step up to apologize for mistakes. Now there are two kinds of apologies in the world. The first kind is a very dull, soulless one that doesn’t mean anything. It’s like saying sorry for a clear, stupid fault of your own. For example, saying sorry to a teacher who has just caught you chattering with your neighbour in class. The sorry here is a very cheap, unwanted one and it doesn’t merit much forgiveness. This is the sorry for which many faculties reply “Sorry is not in my dictionary. Get out of this class!!”

But there is the other sorry that makes the whole process of apologizing very special. It is a sorry which at the immediate instant of being released from the lips, creates an amazing understanding between the two protagonists and ensures that all acts of the past are forgotten.

This sorry may be modulated in the same frequency as the first one. But there is a gargantuan gap between their effective meanings. It is blended with a deep desire and the craving to make things right.

This is the sorry that one must produce when required. And there is no harm in apologizing if a gut feeling of being wrong exists within you. Make things right at the first instance. Life rarely gives a second chance.....