Independence Day Lessons

A few pointers that I pondered upon during the 24 hours of Independence Day:-

1) End the rhetoric
It's time to bring an end to the "Mera Bharat Mahaan" if we are to truly consider ourselves mature. I do not fully stand by the belief that patriotism is irrelevant in today's age of globalization, but it is necessary to end the rhetoric surrounding the so-called patriotic displays usually seen only during the 2 auspicious national days in a year. It serves no purpose in a fast-growing India.

2) The crisis over flag sales
It makes little sense in flouting the Indian tricolour so openly on I-Day. The same state bus drivers or private vehicle owners will commit all the sins that make for an anti-Indian approach, but still proudly sport the flag. Moreover, many flags are found in the dust and the dirt once the sun sets. Flag sales definitely mean that a few people earn a little more during the day. But it's only one day and we cannot afford to sacrifice national honour in the process.

3) Take pride in Indian history and culture
India is more than just Bollywood, cricket, political scandals and corrupt bureaucracy. Explore the true India and become a fan. Take pride in the history of Bharat and learn to love and respect all cultures and religions.

4) Respect the dead
Every year, hundreds of people die in the country. The reasons are aplenty. Terrorism heads the list. But if the living raised the level of respect offered to the ones who've left us and try to learn from history, then a lot of pain can ease.

5) Have faith
Despite corruption, poverty, bureaucracy, rising crimes and terrorism, India maintains a steady growth rate. The world sees India as a future superpower and it's best to keep faith in the country and it's ideals and values, in order to visualize dreams that we harbour of superpowerdom.

All is not lost. Yet.

[PS: Post written out of pure passion and there may be grammatical errors that I just felt like ignoring.]

Bindra and the Indian football team

Just pitched in to wish tons of glory and a love-filled congratulations to Abhinav Bindra for winning India's first individual Olympic gold medal. The Indian football team also won the AFC Challenge Cup, beating Tajikistan 4-1 in New Delhi. This ensures they qualify for Asia's premier football competition, the AFC Asian Cup 2011. This is the Asian equivalent of the European Championships and is held every four years.

Great days for Indian sport. Hope they last longer.....