Maybe Money is everything

Being a 3rd year student of engineering, I went expectantly into my college's worldclass auditorium expecting an early opener before placements. Tech Mahindra had come over for a Pre-Placement talk(PPT, not a boring power-point presentation guys, that would be *.ppt). We had two people who were working with the company, who had come over and were set to give us a talk.

As the audi started filling in, my senses started getting stronger. They showed us a video that profiled the company for us. It was an interesting one. Especially the snippets from the graduates who have been working in Pune was good(the female workers were interviewed more for obvious reasons). However, the typical Indian fallout happened once the video was showcased.

The madam herself talked about whether we were interested in knowing anything else, but THE pay package. It is obvious that details and work notifications have become second to monetary attractions. I guess money matters a lot to everybody. What was interesting was that people did ask questions pertaining to what kind of training would be done, what work would the selected people do and how the selection process would work, apart from other things.

However, the corporates are clever, aren't they ? The madam announced the pay package in the end and the crowd was all hoo-hoo once she broadcasted her frequency of voice containing a carrier message - "2.9 lakhs per annum".

After that, everyone was more interested in leaving the hall than making their seats warmer. Maybe, money is everything.


  Onkar Joshi

Friday, March 9, 2007 at 12:04:00 AM PST

Hmm. So I see that the fresher salary offered by TechM has been raised.

Nice bit of info...especially since I joined as a fresher from the 2006 batch and my batch will have their first appraisal in April.

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